• Elastic elongation of metal wires subject to tensile force.
  • As a function of the load.
  • As a function of the diameter of the wire.
  • As a function of material (Copper, Aluminum, Brass and Steel).
  • Determination and checking of the modulus of elasticity.


  • Wall unit for experiments on the elastic deformation of metal wires subject to tensile force.
  • Loading of wires using a set of weights.
  • Wire length 1000mm.
  • Wire diameter, 1~ 2mm.
  • Material: Steel, Aluminium, Brass and Copper.
  • Load application: direct load.
  • Measuring device equipped with vernier gauge.

The experimental apparatus for wall mounting demonstrates the relationship between tensile loading and elastic elongation of wires. It permits conclusions to be made on the material characteristics. Wire specimens are hung on a wall mounted carrier. The bottom ends are attached to two sliders. A traverse links the wires and enables an even load to be applied. The set of weights for loading the wires is hung from the traverse. The elongation of the wires as a result of the tensile force can be read on the moment lever, these are equipped with dial Gauge.