• ¬†Anodized aluminium structure and panels in HDF.
  • Main water contact parts are either made of PVC, Stainless Steel and Brass to avoid Corrosion.
  • Constituted of a vessel.
  • Vessel total volume: 7 liters.
  • Interior vessel volume: 2.9 liters. approx.
  • Jacket volume: 4 liters. approx.
  • A jacket that surrounds the vessel through where hot water flows.
  • An electric stirrer with a stirring rod of propeller shape.

This Jacketed Vessel Heat Exchanger allows the study of heat transfer between hot water flowing through a jacket and the cold water contained in a vessel. It can work in continuous supply or in a batch process (heating of a constant mass of water containing in a vessel). The exchanger allows measuring temperatures at the inlet and outlet of the exchanger in cold as well as in hot water