There are traverse baffles plates placed in the shell to guide the cold water maximize the heat transfer.

  • Aluminum structure and panel in HDF.
  • Shell is made of tempered Glass to clearly visible all internal element of the exchanger. All the contact part with water are made of Glass, Stainless Steel or Plastic to avoid the corrosion.
  • Formed by tubes of stainless steel with hot water circulating in the interior.
  • 8 segmented baffles located transversal in the glass shell.
  • Exchange length of the shell and each tube: L = 0.5m.
  • Internal tube (21 tubes):
    • Internal diameter: D = 8~9 mm
    • External diameter: D = 10~11 mm
    • Thickness = 1~2mm
    • Internal heat transfer area: A = 0.0126 m-Sq Approx
    • External heat transfer area : A = 0.0157m-Sq Approx
  • Interchangeable Tube with Easy installation as quick fitting type.
  • 6 sections of concentric tubes (outer section in clear acrylic and inner tube in stainless steel).
  • Possibility of use 2, 4 or 6 sections to change the total transfer area (0.027, 0.054 and 0.081 m2).
  • Tubes easily dismantled for cleaning.


  • Transparent Shell made from Acrylic
  • Internal diameter: D = 0.148 m. approx
  • External diameter: D = 0.160 m. approx
  • Thickness = more than 6 mm.
  • 4 Temperature sensors (“K” type Thermocouples):
  • 2 Temperature sensors for measuring cold water temperature (inlet and outlet).
  • 2 Temperature sensors for measuring hot water temperature (inlet and outlet).
  • Optional: Sensors at different point of heat exchange.


  • Power: 3000W
  • Flexible hoses: 2

A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another. The unit Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger is used to study the heat transfer under different conditions like Parallel or Counter Flow conditions. Supply of water is carried out from outside water supply like hydraulic bench. Cold water valve is used to select the type of flow. Instruments for control & monitoring are provided. Pump is used for transfer of hot water through Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger.

Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger consists of a group of tubes inside the heat exchanger. The hot water flows through the internal tubes and cooling water circulates through the space between the internal tubes and the shell.

Software TH-3118SW (optional)
DAQ software specially designed in National Instrument™, LABVIEW™ environment to measure and calculate the results of apparatus. The software is optional and while using software a set of electronic sensors are included. Software can be run with any Windows™ environment.