• Monitoring the changes in temperature for bodies of different sizes, shapes and materials, which are dropped into the hot water bath.
  • Analysis of the results obtained from different solid shapes using analytical temperature/heat flow charts provided.
  • Determination of the conductivity of a shape using the results obtained from similar shape made of different material.
  • Determination of BIOT number for solid cylinder.
  • To study the unsteady state heat transfer through lumped capacitance.


  • A bench top unit designed to allow experiment on unsteady state heat transfer.
  • Each shape is fitted with a temperature sensor at the center of the object.
  • The shapes are installed in special holder at the center of the top cover of the testing water bath
  • The holder also has a temperature sensor that enters in the water bath at the same time as the shape.
  • Heating element (immersion heater). The high power allows reaching the steady state faster.
  • Water pump with variable speed
  • Water Bath with heater to achieve temperatures upto 80o C
  • 7 Pieces of solid specimens made of brass and stainless steel are supplied.
  • The three different shapes are solid sphere, rectangular slab and long solid cylinder

The Unsteady State Heat Transfer unit is designed for the investigation of the temperature variation with time and heat flow within solid shapes that are subjected to sudden heating. The unit consists of a stainless steel water bath and integral flow duct with external water circulating pump. The bath has a capacity of approximately 30 liters and is heated by a thermostatically controlled 3 kW electric heating element in the base of the bath. Adjustment of the thermostat allows the bath to be set to a nominally constant temperature before beginning the experimental procedure. The heating element incorporates internal thermal protection so that power is switched off in the event of the heater being turned on when not covered by water. However, repeatedly allowing the heater to overheat in this way it should be avoided as it will eventually fail. The control panel is provided having all the necessary wiring, temperature measurements and digital indicators.