• Experiments on the discharge jet (diameter, velocity).
  • Determination of flow rate for various water heads.
  • Determination of flow rate coefficients.
  • Comparison between experiment and calculation.


  • Discharge tank, for use with the Hydraulic Bench
  • Plexiglass tank with overflow
  • Tube manometer 300mmWC
  • Maximum flow rate 14ltr/min
  • 5 exchangeable orifices
  • Micrometer to determine the jet diameter

The water drains vertically from a transparent supply tank through a nozzle due to the hydrostatic pressure. The velocity of the jet can be measured with a Pitot tube and a

U-tube manometer. The jet diameter is measured with a micrometer. 5 easy interchange nozzles are included. The water level can be set precisely using an overflow. The water supply is provided either from the laboratory mains or using the Hydraulic Bench.