• Determination of the period of torsional vibration as a function of:
    • torsion wire length
    • torsion wire diameter
    • rotating mass and its form


  • Student experiment on torsional vibration.
  • Torsion rods, made of aluminium.
  • Mass disc made of galvanised steel.
  • Mass ring made of galvanised steel.
  • Strong chuck for fitting the rods.
  • Wall mounting plate made of HDF.

The model enables rotary vibration on torsion bars to be investigated. The model consists of a wall mounted base frame made of HDF. The carrier plate has a strong chuck with the aid of which the torsion bars can be clamped in position. In the same way the mass disc and the mass ring are clamped to the torsion bar using a chuck. The effective length is easy to adjust.