• Determination of the angular acceleration of the gear unit.
  • Mass moment of inertia of the gear unit.
  • Determination of the friction.
  • Gear efficiency.


  • Laboratory unit for investigating the dynamic behavior of 1, 2 and 3 stage spur gear units.
  • Transmission ratio per stage i = 4:1
  • Total transmission ratio i = 64:1
  • Drive weight 5……50kg
  • Fall height max. 0.65m
  • Manual winding using crank
  • All shafts mounted in ball bearings
  • Inductive speed-time diagrams
  • Transparent plastic protective cover
  • Sturdy steel tube support

This unit consists of a 3-stage spur gear unit with 4 shaft. One and two stage gear units can thus also be realized. Each shaft can be equipped with an additional flywheel mass to increase the angular inertia. The gears are driven using a cable drum and a variable set of weights that are lifted using a removable crank. Unwinding is prevented by a safety catch, a clamping roller free wheeling hub prevents undesired coiling of the cable. The weight is arrested by a receptacle with an impact attenuating insert. A hand brake facilitates gentle braking. The transparent protective cover prevents unintentional contact with the rotating parts. All four shafts are fitted with inductive sensors for measuring the speed. A chart is used to record speed-time diagrams from which the angular acceleration can read.