• Investigation of all essential gear functions of a lathe.
  • Main gear
  • Change gear
  • Tumbler gear
  • Feed gear (Norton gear)


  • Design and function of a lathe gear
  • Fully functional experimental unit
  • Optimum insight thanks to open design
  • Shiftable main gear
  • Norton gear as feed gear to drive the lead screw
  • Change gear and tumbler gear
  • Record the feed on paper via recorder drum on the primary spindle
  • Driven by hand crank

The lathe gear has all the essential features and characteristics of a workshop lathe: a shiftable main gear, a feed gear for driving the lead screw (Norton gear), a change gear and a tumbler gear.
Drive is supplied by a hand crank with graduated dial. As such, the processes run slowly and completely safely. The tool slide in this experimental unit performs only longitudinal motion. The automatic longitudinal feed is achieved by a lead screw. A removable recorder drum simulates the workpiece, while the cutting tool is replaced by a stylus. Since the gear parts are exposed, all functions can be observed clearly. All experiments are easily repeatable and offer numerous variations.