• Used for demonstration only, no measurements are intended.
  • Demonstrates basic concepts of conservation of angular momentum through visual observation.


  • Bench top apparatus for clearly demonstrating the basic concepts of conservation of angular momentum.
  • To comprise of a bench mounted vertical board with a rotating arm, and two sliding weights.
  • The weights can be moved radially along the rotating arm by a cord.
  • The arm is spun manually.
  • Comprehensive technical manual.
  • 1x thread

This apparatus is designed to demonstrate the phenomena of conservation of angular momentum and its application and importance in structural engineering and mechanics. Apparatus includes rotating bar with bearing attached to the vertical base. This bar has two dead weights at is opposite ends when the weights are at the larger radius, rotation will be minimum and when the weights are smaller radius, rotation will be maximum to conserve rotational momentum.

Conservation of linear momentum is well understood and often demonstrated to students. Equally important is the conservation of angular momentum. It is not easy to do meaningful experiments on this, but a highly visual demonstration of almost dramatic impact is the effect of reducing the radius of a rotating mass.

A bench mounted stand has a bearing mounted rotating arm along which two weights can be moved by a pull cord operated by the student or demonstrator. The weights are moved to the outer ends of their travel, away from the centre of rotation. The arm is then spun rapidly by hand, and the weights pulled to wards the centre by the cord. The resulting increase in angular velocity is considerable.