• A hemisphere, a cone, an angled, and a flat plate are provided as deflectors.
  • Impulse-momentum; direct measurement of impact forces.
  • Effect of flow rate and velocity.
  • Effect of various deflection angles.


  • The cylindrical operating area is made of Plexiglas, has a diameter of 200mm, and a height of 370mm
  • Measurement of jet impact forces with weights
  • 4 interchangeable deflectors
  • Unit mounted on the base plate

The unit comprises a Plexiglas tank in which a water jet discharged from a nozzle hits a surface and is deflected. 4 different test shapes with the following deflection angles are included: Flat plate, hemisphere 180°, angled plate 30°, cone 120°. The impact forces at the deflector are measured using scales loaded with weights. The water supply is provided either from the laboratory mains or using the Hydraulic Bench (closed water circuit)