• Familiarisation with the operating principle·
  • Continuity law
  • Flow rate measurement.
  • Plotting a pressure loss curve.


  • Pipe section made of transparent acrylic
  • Hose coupling
  • Compatible with hydraulic bench
  • Orifice plate flow meter for flow rate measurement as accessory for trainer
  • Operation based on the differential pressure method
  • Display of pressure difference on manometer
  • Connections to facilitate pressure loss measurement on manometer

The orifice plate narrows the cross-section in the tube. The constriction of the cross-section causes an increase in velocity which results in a measurable decrease in pressure. Taking the orifice geometry into account, the flow rate can be calculated from the decrease in pressure using Bernoulli’s principle and the Continuity law. The necessary connections are provided for measurement and display of the pressure loss on manometer. The transparent front makes the measuring orifice visible, thus aiding understanding of the operating principle.