• Characteristic curve of a reciprocating pump.
  • Influence of pulsation attenuation.
  • Pressure characteristics of delivery pressure and cylinder pressure.


  • Reciprocating pump demonstration unit.
  • Reciprocating pump 0.37kW, 155L/h, 30~60m WC Head.
  • Drive motor 230V, 50Hz (Variable Speed with variable frequency drive).
  • Pressure measurement in the cylinder and in the delivery pipe.
  • Volumetric flow rate measurement with compensation tank.
  • Pulsation attenuation of the delivery pressure is damped by using vessel at discharge.

The Reciprocating Pump demonstration unit enables the pump curve of a reciprocating pump to be measured. The system consists of the pump with an electrical drive motor, the pipe system with supply tank and optional a container for volumetric flow measurement. Gauges provide the delivery pressure and the pressure in the cylinder.

The pressure level in the system is maintained constant using a pressure retention valve. The pulsating pressure characteristic of the pump can be damped with an air vessel.