• A demonstration of a device’s capacity to generate hot or cold air using no moving parts.
  • Calculating the refrigerant effect and comparing it to the compressor’s predicted power requirements.
  • Creation of a vortex tube’s performance curves with (A) variable inlet pressure, (B) variable hot and cold gas ratio, and (C) variable gas (if available).


  • A fully instrumented benchtop vortex tube test unit for use with compressed air or other suitable gas.
  • Panel: High-quality HDF on which all components are mounted.
  • Vortex tube: Rated at 300 liters free air per minute at 600 KNm-2 gauge.
  • Pressure Regulator and Filter: To supply clean and pressure-stable air.
  • Heat Exchanger: Concentric tube, counter flow.
  • Valves: Two, for isolation and balance.
  • Flow: Two, variable area type flowmeters or orifices for digital output (optional) calibrated for air up to 4gm s-1. Temperature: Digital Temperature Indicator (Resolution 0.1oC) and thermocouple sensors.

The IRC-1903 is a fully instrumented benchtop vortex tube refrigeration module that only needs compressed air or another compatible gas source to operate. It has no moving components. When simplicity, dependability, and compactness are necessary, these devices are typically utilised in specialised cooling applications. The device generates air temperatures as low as -20oC, performs 75 watts of cooling, and discharges a hot air stream as hot as 70oC from compressed air at ambient temperature and a high-speed spinning vortex.

Software IRC-1903SW (optional)
DAQ software specially designed in National Instrument™, LABVIEW™ environment to measure and calculate the results of apparatus. The software is optional and while using software a set of electronic sensors is included. The software can be run with any Windows™ environment.