Experiments Included:

  • Implementation of Logic Gates
  • Implementation Timers
  • Implementation of 4-bit Digital to Analog Converter.
  • Implementation UP/DOWN Counter.
  • Implementation of 4-bit Analog to Digital Converter

Inside a laboratory for automation technologies the trainer IT-1500S is the necessary tool for the training of technicians operating industry for installations maintenance and program designing levels. Totally carried out with industrial components the trainer enables the development of a solid experimentation and a high content of knowledge on PLC programming and the solution of more complex problems related to automation with particular reference to process control with HMI/SCADA software and to communication in industrial networks. The PLC installed in the trainer is one of the most powerful and used in industry. It provides many digital inputs and outputs accessible by means of terminals Ø = 4 mm and Ø = 2 mm present on the front panel. The digital outputs are available as relay outputs or transistor outputs for all those applications which need quicker timing. The logic state of the digital inputs and outputs is displayed via LED diodes on the PLC. The analog signals processing allows it to be used within the industrial regulations in closed-loop PID controls. With 4 rotating potentiometers you can adjust the voltages level at the analog inputs. In this way no external power supply is necessary for the generation of references. The front panel of the trainer IT-1500S shows the silk screen panel of the diagrams and the inner components of the equipment complete with any name. This wide and clear vision of the system increases its teaching value facilitating the layout of connections and the development of the exercises. A 3 and ½ – digits digital voltmeter displays the voltage across the analog inputs and outputs according to the position of a rotating switch. The programming software in WIN 10 / 64 Bit enables the development of programs of exercises with PLC in the most used languages of industrial automation according to IEC 61131-3 standards. The connection between Personal Computer and PLC is made via supplied cable ethernet. Moreover the PLC can be connected to industrial networks to ProfNet and Profibus DP. At last the development of the exercises is guided effectively by the theoretical/experimental handbooks available with the trainer.