• Learning structure of hydraulics parts.
  • Understanding flow of fluid.
  • Feature of valves and cylinders.
  • Electro-hydraulic control circuit.
  • Safety of hydraulics system.
  • Structure of hydraulics motor.
  • Hydraulics control circuit.
  • Hydraulics cylinder mid-stop.

Transparent Hydraulics Trainer is a self contained Transparent Hydraulic Circuit Board Trainer which demonstrates the experiments in best possible way. It meets the training needs for technology related to hydraulic components in a very visual way. All functional transparent hydraulic components supplied with the trainer are made transparent material with internal industrial metal parts. Using this system, it is possible to see inside the components as they operate, becoming familiar with them and understanding how they work. It can be used to show the functioning of various transparent hydraulic control circuits and components, with (coloured) transparent hydraulic oil for better viewing. Regulated introduction of air bubbles can be used for easy tracing of oil path. The hoses, as well as the different devices, are connected to each other with a system of quick-fit self-sealing connectors. This system guarantees a maximum level of fluid integrity with ZERO LEAKAGE even during connection / disconnection operations.