Experiments Included:

The Experiments that can be developed with the module IT-5107 includes:

  • Principles of electro-pneumatics
  • Operation of vacuum circuit coupled to a suction cup
  • Operation of the electro-valves
  • Operation of REED and inductive sensors

The robot module IT-5107 is used to transport pieces in a circular area. It includes a cylinder for up/down movements, another cylinder for the forward/backward movements, a suction cup for holding the piece, and a motor with encoder coupled to a reducer for the operations of rotation. The robot’s movements are clearly identified by the REED sensors, for the movement of cylinders, and by the inductive sensor for the rotation.

Technical Features:

Sensors and actuators:

  • 4 REED sensors
  • 1 Inductive sensor
  • 3 5/2 monostable electro-valves
  • 1 Motor of 24 V DC with encoder

Module I/O:

  • 7 Digital inputs
  • 5 Digital outputs