Experiments Included:

  • Implementation of Logic Gates
  • Implementation of Counters(Parking Stand)
  • Implementation of Timer Application (Flash Light)
  • 7-Segment Display Application
  • Thumbwheel Switch Application
  • Traffic Light Control Application
  • Liquid Mixer Application
  • Temperature Control Application
  • Light Intensity Control Application
  • Elevator Control Application
  • DC Motor Control Application
  • Stepper Motor Control Application
  • R/C Servo Motor Control Application
  • Stage Light Control Application
  • Dot Matrix Application
  • Assembly Line Control

In today’s environment of automation, the importance of PLC has rapidly increased. With growing demand for training in this area, we have introduced several packages for PLC training. The standard package consists of PLC module containing PLC, power supply, programming and operating software and PC/PPI cable.


  • Sensors installed on-board
  • Control Circuits Installed
  • Drivers Installed
  • Protection Circuits Installed

Technical Features:

  • PLC: Siemens 224XP
  • Digital Inputs: 14
  • Digital Outputs: 10
  • Analog Input: 2X Volt
  • Analog Output: 1X Volt or 1X Current
  • Programming Language: Ladder, STL & FBD
  • Fixed Supply DC: 24V, 12V, 5V & -12V
  • Digital Input Simulator: 8X Momentary, 8X Toggle Switches
  • Switches: 2XThumbwheel, 8-bit DIP
  • Signal Conditioning: F/V Converter
  • Displays: 4X 7-Segment, 8X8 Dual Colour Dot Matrix, 10 point LED Bar
  • Analog Source: 2X +10V DC
  • Motors: DC with IR Encoder, Stepper with four IR Encoder, R/C Servo
  • Driver: Dual H-Bridge Monolithic Type, PWM
  • Sensor: Light Intensity, Temperature with Heater

On-Board PLC Applications:

  • Traffic Light Control
  • Liquid Mixer
  • Temperature Control
  • Light Intensity Control
  • Elevator Control
  • DC Motor Control
  • Stepper Motor Control
  • R/C Servo Motor Control
  • LED Flasher
  • Dot Matrix
  • 7-Segment
  • LED Bar Display
  • Assembly Line Control

Accessories: 2mm Patch Cords, Power Cord, User Manual, Experiment Manual, IDC Cables, PC Programming Cable, Software CD