Experiments Included:
Fundamentals of Electro-pneumatics, Piece distribution methods, Operating an electro valve, Operating a set of automated sensors, Operating a pneumatic cylinder Cartesian controls, PLC control, Microprocessor control
Recommended control modules (not included):
Arduino training panel IT-1300A
Programmable Logic Control Trainer (Siemens Based) IT-1200S
Programmable Logic Control Trainer (Siemens Based) IT-1200S-40
Programmable Logic Control Trainer (Fatek Based) IT-FBs-24MA
Programmable Logic Control Trainer (Fatek Based) IT-FBs-40MA
Programmable Logic Control Trainer (Siemens Based) IT-1500S

The IT-5114 stores pieces according to the type of material they are made of The movement is carried out through a 3 axis Cartesian system for picking up or storing the pieces on three different levels The store has 9 positions 3 for each level A sensor positioned on the gripper allows a first inspection of the store to determine which positions are free and which are occupied Two pneumatic cylinders carry out the translations along the X and Y axes while a microcylinder coupled to the gripping system deals with the movement along the Z axis The module is assembled on a rigid Bakelite base and it can be easily moved around the laboratory IT-5114 can be fully controlled using a PLC module or an Arduino microprocessor Thanks to the PLC or Arduino programming software a wide range of exercises regarding the automation of the module in a working cycle or in stand-alone mode can be developed