• Bending Stresses across a T-Beam section.
  • Comparison of theory with experimental results.
  • Working with Strain gauges.
  • Bending equation.
  • Neutral axis.
  • Working with stresses and strains and their conversion.
  • Second Moment of Area.


  • T-Beam to have strain gauges attached in measuring and temperature compensation pairs.
  • 500N load cell to apply load with integral cable for connection to display unit.
  • Angle of load to be adjustable.
  • Multiple load positions along T-Beam span available.
  • Strain gauge outputs to be made available to display unit.
  • Comprehensive instruction manual provided.

A standalone experiment for determining the bending stresses and strains across the surface of a T-beam. An inverted aluminium T-beam is mounted between two simple supports on knife edges. The load onto the T-beam is applied using a fine screw jack mechanism with integral load cell. The load cell arrangement and supports create a three (3) point loading.

A number of precision strain gauges are arranged on the T-beam specimen. These strain gauges are paired with temperature compensation dummy gauges for output stability. Each strain gauge pair is numbered for accurate connection to the display unit.

The signals from the loading mechanism and strain gauges are fed directly into the display unit.

A comprehensive instruction manual for lecturer and student, giving full details on apparatus assembly and operation as well as example results. All necessary assembly and operational tools are provided.