• Steam power plant and its components with control and regulation system.
  • Start-up, operation and shut down of a steam power plant.
  • Determining: input and output power, component and system efficiency, specific fuel consumption of the system.
  • Pressure Measurements at different point in the Power Plant Cycle
  • Temperature Measurement at different of Power Plant Cycle
  • Flow measurement of Fuel
  • Flow measurement of Condensate (Steam)
  • Heat of Combustion in the Combustion Chamber (calculated)
  • Heat given to steam by the fuel combustion
  • Boiler efficiency
  • Super heater efficiency (optional)
  • Combined efficiency of boiler and super heater (optional)
  • Steam turbine power output
  • Turbine indicator power
  • Turbine generator efficiency
  • Cooling tower efficiency (optional)


  • laboratory-sized steam power plant
  • Gas or oil-fired steam generator with optionally avaliable electric super-heater
  • single-stage axial turbine with Curtis wheel, vacuum or exhaust operation
  • DC generator as turbine load
  • water-cooled condenser
  • feedwater treatment

This steam power plant is comprised of Fire Tube Boiler (Gas Fired) or Diesel Boiler, Water Tube Super Heater (Gas Fired optional), Steam Turbine, Condenser, Water Treatment System, Instrumentations and Control, Turbine Speed Control System, Turbine to Electric Power Generator and Fuel System. The Boiler (Gas Fired) & Water Treatment System (Optional Diesel) This is a set of steam boiler and standard accessories for a study of boiler performance. The basic unit consists of a boiler with a burner, a feed water system, a fuel system, and instruments for monitoring boiler operation as well as instruments for control and safety. The complete unit is arranged as a package on a skid for easy installation. Optional equipment is available for additional experiments.