• Determination of the power output.
  • Determination of the efficiency.
  • Preparation of the characteristic curve.
  • Comparison of experiment and calculation.


  • Reaction turbine demonstration unit.
  • Air supplied to the turbine using the compressor.
  • Electronic measurement of the moment on the turbine shaft using a band brake.
  • Electronic measurement of the turbine rotational speed with inductive proximity switch.
  • Transparent turbine housing.
  • Turbine approx. 50W, turbine rotor diameter 50mm.
  • Processing of measured data on a PC (optional).
  • Air compressor for continuous operation (optional).

Reaction turbine demonstration unit, designed for operation stand alone. The turbine unit is supplied with air by compressor. The turbine housing is made of Plexiglass so that the air that drives rotor using the reaction principle can be observed unhindered. A braking device is fitted to the impeller shaft of the turbine, the braking device is in the form of a band brake using which the load and moment on the turbine shaft can be measured with an electronic dynamometer or on spring balance. A proximity switch measures the rotational speed of the turbine. The following accessories are required for operation: an Interface for displaying the speed and torque of turbine which is housed within the apparatus and compressed air which is supplied by separate compressor. Data acquisition system with software can be used optionally to measure, process and store data on a PC.