(a) Burner (imported)

Light oil

  • Output: 80.7 to 163.8 kW
  • Fuel consumption: 6.8 to 13.8 Kg/h.m3

Fuel gas

  • Output: 80.7 to 163.4kW
  • Fuel consumption: 8.1 to 16.4 Kg/h.m3
  • Self-aspiration fuel pump: Calibration pressure 12 kg/cm2
  • Gas pressure: 12-23 mbar
  • Electrical power supply: 220v – 50Hz
  • Motor at 2860rpm: 170 to 185W
  • Capacitor: 6.3 uF
  • Ignition transformer: 10kV – 30mA
  • Flame control: UV sensor
  • Air adjustment: Manual
  • Nozzle: 1.75 to 3.5 all type as long as 60 solid cone

 (b)Combustion/ Observation chamber

  • Cylindrical chamber 460 x910mmlong with watercooled walls. Fitted with observation ports, watercooled sampling probe.

 (c) Control

  • Manual control for air, oil, gas and cooling water

 (d) Instrumentation

  • The unit is fitted with necessary sensors with digital indicator for measuring flowrate of air, oil, gas and cooling water, temperature of cooling water and pressure of gas.

The Combustion Laboratory Apparatus is floor mounted designed for students to study many aspects of combustion using a small scale unit which will be easily understood and controlled, based on an industrial dual fuel burner. The unit comes with the burner, combustion chamber, control panel and instruments, all at a convenient working height.

Students shall vary the fuel and air flow rate over a wide range and their effect on flame characteristics, and combustion efficiency may be reduced. With a flue gas analyzer, the composition of the fuel gas may then be determined and related to the air to fuel ratio.

Floor standing combustion unit capable of burning light boiler fuel oil, L.P.G or main gas over a wide range of fuel flow rates and air-to-fuel ratios. Burner firing into a water cooled combustion chamber with provision for flame observation and gas sampling.

Software TH-3129SW (optional)
DAQ software specially designed in National Instrument™, LABVIEW™ environment to measure and calculate the results of apparatus. The software is optional and while using software a set of electronic sensors are included. Software can be run with any Windows™ environment.