• Understanding the parts and construction of the package type Steam Boiler.
  • Study of the construction of a multi-pass water tube boiler.
  • Recording the Vapor Pressure Curve of Water.
  • Relationship between the Pressure & Temperature in a close system.
  • Temperature and Pressure Measurement.
  • Boiler efficiency.

In most of the industries like Power Plants, Processing plant and many other industries as well as heating the building and home we used steam. To produce the steam we required the steam boilers which convert the water to steam using different heating sources like GAS, OIL, WASTE HEAT RECOVERY, SOLID FUELS like wood, coal and many other type of fuels.

The study of the steam boiler is an important engineering field so that the engineers should be well aware about the steam pressure and temperature relations and the safety and other operational requirements.

With this Training Steam Boiler apparatus the students can study the comprehensive parts and working principle of boiler operation and safety. The boiler in this apparatus is a Vertical Type Water Tube Boiler. In this the water is moved in the tubing and the heating source (burner) is installed in the circular bundle of tube. The heat from the fuel transfer in the water which is inside the tubes where the hot water is self-circulated. The boiler is 3 pass water tube type where the output steam generation capacity is approx 100kg steam per hour. The Boiler unit is consist of the below mentioned items and mounted on a single skid as a package type.



  • Boiler Type: Water Tube.
  • Installation: Vertical Type.
  • Material of Tube: High Pressure Boiler Grade Seamless Mild Steel Water Tubes.
  • Material of Shell: High Pressure Boiler Grade Steel Sheet.
  • No. of Pass: Minimum 3 pass.
  • Steam Tank: High Pressure Boiler Grade Steel Tank.
  • Operating Pressure: 10 bar (10.2 kg/cm2).
  • Test Pressure Tubing: 25 bar (25.50 Kg/cm2) hydraulic Testing.
  • Test Pressure Steam Tank: 16 Bar (16.25 kg/cm2) Hydraulic Testing.
  • Insulation: 2″~3” Thick Ceramic Wool Insulation.
  • Steam Outlet Port: with Steam Separator and Dn25 Valve to integrate with any user hardware or equipped with in built condenser to convert the steam into water again.
  • Smoke Out Port: Boiler Stack for smoke out from lab.

Boiler Instrumentation & Safety Devices:

  • High Pressure Switches: 2 (1st set at 9bar, 2nd at 10bar).
  • High Pressure Safety Mechanical Type: 1 (Set at 11 bar/160PSI).
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Safety Valve
  • Safety Alarm
  • Temperature Safety & Gauge.
  • 1st  Digital Controller user configurable Max setting 180C°.
  • 2nd Bimetallic type over temperature safety.
  • Burner Type: Force Draft Built-in Atomizer Type (Light Oil any like Diesel, Kerosene, jet fuels and any other light oils).
  • Burner Control: ON / OFF Type, controlled by Temperature controller.
  • Flame Protection: Built in using State of the Art Boiler Burner.


NOTE: Only one burner can be used with the boiler, for gas type burner requirement please mentioned at the time of order if required.


Water Level Indicator and Switches:

  • Customized with Level Sensors and Sight Glass.
  • Type: Water dip Electrode Two point level (Start/Stop).
  • Level Controller

Feed water system includes:

  • Resin filter for public water two stages.
  • Activated Carbon Type Water Softener unit with manual charging and service valves.
  • Pressure Gauge to monitor the feed water pressure.
  • Soft water tank of Stainless Steel.
  • Water Meter with Totalizer function to measure the water supply to the boiler (for Steam Calculation).

Feed water Pump:

  • Pump with Manual / Automatic Level Control by User selectable.
  • Pump Operation: User Selectable Manual / Automatic by Water Level Controller.
  • Type: Centrifugal Type High Pressure.

Measuring instruments in the Boiler Section

  • Feed Water Inlet Temperature with Digital Display.
  • Steam Out / Boiler Temperature with Digital Display.
  • Boiler Pressure Gauge (Analog)

Fuel system includes:

  • Fuel tank
  • Fuel flow meter: Digital Readout

Type: Shell & tube

The condenser unit consists of a shell and tube type condenser with condensate in the tubes and condensing water in the shell. Temperature and flow instruments for monitoring the temperature and flow rate of the condensing water. The complete unit is arranged as a package in congestion with the boiler on a skid for easy installation.

Typical Experiments

  • Temperature Measurement at different points of condenser (Inlet & Outlet).
  • Flow measurements of condensing water.
  • Heat transfer in the condenser.
  • Condenser efficiency.

Instrumentation with Condenser

  • Condensate (Steam Inlet) Temperature Sensor with Digital Display.
  • Condensate (Steam Out) Temperature Sensor with Digital Display.
  • Condenser Cooling Water Flowrate (Analog Rotameter Type).
  • Condensate Measurement (Manual using Measuring Cylinder).