• Experimental checking of the laws of gyroscopes precession.
  • Determine the moment of inertia of flywheel.


  • Student experiment on the moment of mass inertia of a flywheel.
  • Steel flywheel.
  • Steel shaft used as drive pulley.
  • Set of weights.
  • Ball bearing mounted shaft.
  • Anodised aluminium base plate

This apparatus is designed to demonstrate the working principle of flywheel and its practical significance in industry. Flywheel is used to store rotational energy when the supply of energy is more than the required, and Deliverys when requirement of energy is more than the supplied. This apparatus consists of flywheel mounted on a shaft and whole structure is attached to the base plate. Cord is wounded on the axle carrying dead weights and hanger. Students can calculate the inertia of flywheel by adding weights on hanger.