• Set-up and principle of pulley blocks with 4 pulleys and with 6 pulleys; differential pulley block.
  • Principle of “simple machines”: force transmission, lifting work and potential energy.


  • Supplementary set for experimental unit Fundamental of Statics
  • Pulley layout and cable routing clearly visible
  • Pulley blocks: with 4 or 6 pulleys; differential block with roller chain
  • Cable pulleys made of Anodized Aluminum ball bearing-mounted
  • Chain wheels
  • Pullers: Nylon cord, roller chain
  • Materials stainless steel or steel, Galvanized

Pulleys Block Supplementary set extends the scope of experiments which can be performed with Fundamental of Statics apparatus. Comparison of different pulley blocks and their action as “simple machines”, like eye of horus slots free machines. The pulley blocks are set up on the panel of unit base unit of Fundamental of statics. The line grid on the panel helps to readily determine the force and distance. The pulley blocks are of a robust metal design. Built-in ball and sliding bearings ensure low-friction rotation. The details of the pulley layout and the cable routing are clearly visible. The various elements of the experiment are clearly laid-out and held securely on a tray. Multiple trays can be stacked as a space-saving storage option.