• Determination of transmission ratios.
  • Determination of transmitted forces.
  • Gear efficiency.


  • Study of dynamic behavior of a epicyclic gear.
  • Fixed gear transmissions ratio.
  • Sun, planet, and ring gear configuration.
  • 48tooth Sun, 16tooth Planet, 80tooth annulus.
  • Torques applied to input and output pulleys and shafts.
  • Angular protractors on input and output shafts, 360°.
  • Pulleys on input and output shafts.
  • Comprehensive instruction manual provided.

The apparatus consists of epicyclic gear stages with 3 planet wheels each. Transmission ratios can be realized by blocking single wheels. The gears are driven using a hand wheel. The Wheel is marked the degrees and output shaft is connected to the disk with the degree marked to show the movement. The transmission ration can be easily calculated by the help of attached degree scales.

A transparent safety cover prevents unintentional contact with rotating parts.