• Determination of power as a function of volumetric flow rate, pressure and speed.
  • Recording of torque characteristic.
  • Determination of the turbine efficiency.
  • Partial pressurization (nozzle group circuit).


  • Stand Alone Table unit for the investigation of an axial impulse turbine with air flow.
  • Compressed air supply operated about 6 bars.
  • Max. turbine power output 200W.
  • Wheel diameter approximately 130mm, 45 blades.
  • Turbine loading using belt brake.
  • Torque measurement using force sensor.
  • Speed measurement with proximity switch.
  • Display of speed, torque and temperature on digital displays.
  • Display of the relevant pressures on dial manometers.

Turbines are machines which develop torque and shaft power as a result of a momentum change in the fluid which flows through them. The fluid may be a gas, vapor, or liquid. A turbine converts the energy of the steam into work that drives electric generators. An Impulse Turbine is that turbine in which the fluid pressure drop (and consequent increase of velocity) occurs in the stator. Therefore, the fluid passes through the rotor at an almost constant pressure. The unit Air Flow Impulse Turbine consists a single stage, axial flow, impulse machine with a throttle valve and belt brake dynamometer. Instrumentation is provided to measure the air supply pressure, mass flow rate, temperature as well as the turbine speed & torque.