Learning the key variables and correlations of a worm gear

  • Investigating: transmission ratio, torque, friction and self-locking.
  • Determining efficiency.


  • Demonstration and student experimental unit on the set-up and principle of a worm gear
  • Bronze worm gear wheel
  • Steel worm
  • 2 Aluminium side drums
  • Double transmission ratio
  • Worm, worm gear wheel and pulleys ball bearing-mounted¬† HDF base plate

This unit is designed to study the performance of a worm and wheel mechanism. It is a mechanism that contains a circular gear and a rod on which tooth are made. This mechanism is used to convert or transmit circular motion to linear motion or vice versa. The unit consists of a worm and wheel mechanism. Both are connected with pulleys to apply load and effort forces. To apply forces, cord and hanger are used.