• Kinetics and kinematics of the following centrifugal governor systems:
    • porter governor
    • proell governor
    • hartnell governor


  • Demonstration of the principle of operation of various centrifugal force governors
  • Porter, Proell and Hartnell governors
  • DC drive motor
  • Adjustable rotational speed, electronically regulated, with digital display
  • Protective cover to ensure safe operation

Scope of Delivery

  • 1 experimental unit, 1 instruction manual, 3 governors (centrifugal), 1 set of weights, 1 set of tools

The unit is designed to study the performance of different types of governors. Governor is a device that is used to maintain a constant mean speed of rotation. The apparatus consists of three different types of governors.
1. Porter governor
2. Proell governor
3. Hartnell governor
The load can be changed on governors by placing or removing weights in case of porter and proell governors. But for hartnell governor, load is changed by altering the stress on spring. The rotational speed of the governor is controlled via a speed control knob. This bench top unit is used to demonstrate the principle of operation of various centrifugal force governors. The drive with
an electronically regulated motor is fitted in the housing. The speed is continuously adjusted using a 10-turn potentiometer and displayed digitally. The governor is placed in a chuck on the drive. The centrifugal masses and sleeve forces can be varied using the accessories included. The stroke can be measured using the marks on the governor shaft. When in operation, a transparent protective lid covers the rotating centrifugal governor. The unit is simply placed on atable in the laboratory for operation. It only requires a supply of power.